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Persian Cheap Rice Cookies for Export

Each Persian rice cookies has a variety of uses. Different companies offer these Persian rice cookies. The best brands offer Persian rice cookies in the domestic and foreign markets.  Best types of rice cookies that can be found in Iran Most buyers who want to order the best persian rice cookies with a unique and […]

Demand for Naan Berenji Around the World

naan berenji is one of the popular sweets of Iranians. The easy preparation and long-term storage of this sweet is the key to the success of its producers. Rice bread is produced for the first time in Kermanshah city. With the evolution of the rice bread production process, its saffron samples also emerged.  How to […]

Fresh & Best Kolompeh Sweets for Traders

Do you know how to buy bulk industrial best kolompeh in domestic markets? Is the wholesale purchase price of industrial kolompeh  different from the partial purchase price or not? In fact, wholesale purchases are cheaper than partial purchases. Most delicious sweet kolompeh cookies for sale Wholesalers can also enjoy special discounts, which in turn will lead […]

Sweet Kolompeh Recipes that You Should Know

kolompeh recipe is an Iranian kolompeh pastry made using dates, cardamom, wheat, and walnut flour. It is also common to use pistachio powder and sesame powder to decorate this pastry. This pastry is cooked by Kermani women for rituals and holidays and is used to make local oils. Kolompeh is one of the important souvenirs […]

Wholesale Naan Berenji Supplies for Sale

The traditional production of Kermanshahi rice bread, which has been obtained using the original animal oil, has a long history, and in recent years, its industrial production has caused wholesale naan berenji to be considered by commercial companies, and exported rice bread has a high income for producers.  Active suppliers and distributors of naan berenji In […]

Most Famous Nan Berenji Producers in Middle East

Iranian naan berenji is very well-known in the entire of Asia and also other continents. This country Makes exclusive candy foodstuff production and make possibilities for exporting them to end up well-known. Kaak cookie is one of these nearby well-known confections in this country, after that, Baklava is every other famous sweet confection in this […]

High Quality Naan Berenji to Sell in Bulk

Naan berenji production centers in the Iranian market, using the best materials and using advanced devices, in line with the latest technology in the world, offer naan berenji in a high variety in terms of quality. Different types of naan berenji are produced by different centers. The naan berenji online store distributes these products to […]

Iranian Sweets at Reasonable Prices for Export

There are many workshops in Iran that produce all kinds of sweets. Iranian pastry is one of the finest quality and most delicious pastries in the world. Iranian pastries use the best ingredients in baking. As you know, Iranian sweets are popular all over the world. Here are 10 local Iranian desserts and sweets Where […]

Buy Kaak Kermanshah in Bulk Price

There are a variety of unique confectionery  producers, wholesale kaak shops, and exporters of kaak cookies all over the global. the majority like to buy kaak kermanshah and use a few high-quality kaak cookies of their residence. so, they will visit wholesalers so as to buy some kaak cookies at cheap price. in case  you […]