Iranian Sweets at Reasonable Prices for Export

There are many workshops in Iran that produce all kinds of sweets. Iranian pastry is one of the finest quality and most delicious pastries in the world. Iranian pastries use the best ingredients in baking. As you know, Iranian sweets are popular all over the world.

Here are 10 local Iranian desserts and sweets

Where to buy the best souvenirs in Yazd? In this article, we try to introduce the most famous and the most used traditional and native sweets of Yazd province in Iran. We have also tried to introduce the best manufacturers.

Baklava varieties in Iran 

The origin of Baklava goes back to Iran and to the history of Turkey and Central Asian countries, especially Azerbaijan. Of course, different regions of Iran have different varieties and range from Tabrizi high prey, Yazd and Qazvin, to low-sugar but high-fat central Iran such as Isfahan.

Shiraz Soldier 

The “Jukeh” has the oldest traditional Shiraz pastry similar to “Kak”. This pastry is actually a thin slab of bread made with a special non-stick pastry. Cookies are light, tasty, and energetic, with raw bread or coke raw materials made from wheat flour, sugar or sugar flour, eggs, cinnamon, oil, cardamom and water.

Kerman Souvenir Club 

Kalempe is a traditional Kerman pastry that is specific to Bam but also cooked in Kerman. The clump is a pancake containing a mixture of mashed dates with cardamom powder and other flavors. The main ingredients for dates, wheat flour, walnuts, and acetone are usually used for decorating colpes with pistachio or sesame powder.

Cookies types 

A cookie is a cooked or cooked product that is small in size, almost flat and sweet. This product is usually flour, sugar, some types of oils or fats. Biscuits or cookies are produced in a variety of designs, including sandwich biscuits or, sometimes, chocolate coating or any kind of sweet coating layer.

Frames and its variants 

Previously, when we examined the confectionery in Iran, it was pointed out that one of the most famous and traditional Iranian pastry is ” Gharabieh ” (Azeri Qurabieh at present) and the traditional Tabriz pastry. Of course, we will continue to explain that there are other varieties of this homemade candy in some surrounding countries as well.

Pole and its varieties 

The first pole was cooked by ” Hajj Khalifa Ali Rahbar ” in Yazd. Ghotab is a genuine Iranian pastry that is the most famous traditional pastry in Yazd and Kerman.

Iranian Brand Cookie 

The first cookie was produced in Iran in the 7th century. Cookies In most English-speaking countries, except the US and Canada, dry and crisp cookies are called biscuits.

Tehrans first Parchazi

Spring confectionery, 86 years old from the history of Old Tehran, is the first, oldest and most original pastry shop in Tehran known as  Pasadie Pastry .

All about Persian pastry and sweets

  It can be said that the beginning of the art of pastry goes back to Reza Shah Pahlavi’s time.

However, under Nasser al-Din Shah, he decided to start producing sugar instead of importing Russian and Belgian sugar.

But after 12 days, the sugar factory was shut down by conspirators.

And until Reza Shah Pahlavi there were no sugar factories in the country.

But after the sugar production in the country, one by one the confectionery cafe in Iran came to an end.

And they started making sweets and ice cream. (Many confectioners can be convinced by the founding date.)

But we Iranians

In Iran, each city has one or more souvenir models.

A number of sweets are found all over Iran, indicating that this art has a very loyal fan base.

Now we are going to some of the provinces of Iran to see where the fans of each pastry are.

The people of Qazvin have many sweets, but there is more popularity in the form of rhubarb, Atabaki, bread and rice bread:

  • In Tabriz, I am comfortableIn Bushehr, bread and date palms are dyed
  • In Yazd Qotab, Baklava, CottonIn Kerman Kolimpeh, Kamaneh Sohan, Charkhi bread, Haj almond, Chutab, Bereshtok, bread
  • In Kermanshah, rice and kerman bread
  • In Azerbaijan, Lozank, C and SojouqTraditional cookies
  • in KhuzestanIn Ilam, Kak, shiny rice cookieChahar Bakhtiari, Ghazbaldaji
  • In Lorestan, shiny lacquer and lacquer pole
  • In Khorasan, Mashhad confectionery (German or jam) and ginger etc.

This reader is widespread because of the wide variety of sweet and savory flavors throughout Iran.

Every day a fresh bakery recipe comes with an unprecedented taste in someone’s mind far or near.

Important tips that you should know while buying Iranian sweets

A pastry should usually have two main characteristics:

One is that they have a longer shelf life because they need to stay fresh  for two to three weeks, which is why people go to dry pastries to buy their Easter sweets, and pastry production reaches 75 percent of their total pastry production. It’s a good, cheap, and light pastry, as many guests go to a house or other celebration, and it is small and light pastries that can accommodate more than one kilogram.
Suggestions for buying sweets .

Decide on the first pastry you like and what your guests like. On the other hand, you need to know what sweets are on the market and, most importantly, the budget you have for sweets.

Generally you can choose from one of the following groups or a mixture of them:

1- Traditional pastries:

Baklava, Chutab, Cotton, Lozenge, Luzbadam, Loznargil, Yazdi’s Cake, Rice Bread, Coconut Bread, Haji Badam, Sohan Ardi, Sohan Asali, Sohan Khani, Nan Nakhoodchi, Long Leg, Kolampa, Basslouni, Kermani Papan, Tongue, Papan And biscuits

2- Fancy pastries:

Flower Mohammadi (Denmark), Napoleonic, Tartars, Piebes and Muffins

3. Chocolates and candies:

Bulk or board chocolates are not standard and reliable. If you want to buy chocolate and candy, go for packaged varieties that have the standard sign and license plate.Authentic and well-known brands of chocolate and candy are the best choices. Experts believe nutrition for chocolate chips is a better choice because of the lower chocolate volume and the presence of nuts and seeds. In Iran, in addition to the production of sweets, persian fruit candy are also produced.

Latest price list of Iranian sweets

Because of the variety of sweet and dry pastries available in Iran, their prices are different. There are many workshops in Iran that produce and supply all kinds of pastries. The price of sweets in Iran depends on some parameters. The price of dried sweets is cheaper than sweets. Join us for more information on the price of sweets.

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