Wholesale Naan Berenji Supplies for Sale

The traditional production of Kermanshahi rice bread, which has been obtained using the original animal oil, has a long history, and in recent years, its industrial production has caused wholesale naan berenji to be considered by commercial companies, and exported rice bread has a high income for producers. 

Active suppliers and distributors of naan berenji

In all urban and rural areas, dear compatriots can buy rice bread, which is generally purchased in stylish packages.

Today, many people start to produce delicious Iranian sugary rice bread. Ingredients for this delicious pastry include rice flour, eggs, powdered sugar, and oil, which together with rose and cardamom powder can be the best type of pastry.

The price of rice bread today varies depending on the amount and method of purchase. Perhaps the only difference between these products is their price, which does not mean that the rest of the products are of poor quality.

cheap naan berenji is very famous and has a very high nutritional value and is also very nutritious and can be used as a very good and suitable snack.

Top 10 brands of naan berenji in the Asia

Traditional naan berenji types is available in different provinces of the country, such as Kermanshah, Qazvin, Yazd, Isfahan and, of course, in terms of quality, price, taste and even appearance.

In terms of appearance and raw materials, traditional Qazvin rice bread is very similar to Kermanshah rice bread and sweets and can be used in various traditional and religious holidays or bought as a favorite souvenir by the majority of people.

 The variety of packaging volumes and cartons of traditional Qazvini bread is also very large, and buyers have many options to buy in bulk and for export. In general, depending on the use or non-use of additives such as saffron to rice bread, this product is marketed in two simple models and saffron, and therefore their prices are different from each other. To buy plain iranian naan berenji saffron, you can now proceed by using several ways that are available on this site.

The abundance of the main applicants for rice bread in the domestic market has caused the traditional and semi-traditional workshops that produce and distribute Kermanshah rice bread or rice bread produced in different cities of the country to have a high prosperity.

Until a few years ago, the export market of Kermanshahi rice bread may not have received much attention, but the attention of commercial companies to the trade of this product has led to its further promotion, especially in neighboring countries.

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