Delicious Persian Sweets Recipes in 2020

Iranians always use cakes and pastries as desserts, and especially with their  drinks such as tea as a complimentary complement. They also often use their traditional cakes and pastries as a snack and a warm welcome at various occasions, such as New Year’s Eve, and have become part of their delectable culture and tradition. if you are interested in knowing about Persian sweets recipes, Iranian cookies , Persian recipes, ancient Persian desserts, and Persian pistachio dessert; stay with us.

Top 10 most popular types of Persian sweets

Gaz is a traditional Iranian souvenir in Isfahan. Sugar, egg whites, almonds and pistachios, cardamom and rosehip are used to make the gaze. The first 450-year-old Gaz producer was Mohammad Ali Shakerchian in Esfahan. It also has a variety of varieties, including flour, melt, biscuits, chocolate, dates and more. Earphones such as Zolbia and Okra are one of the most used sweets during the holy month of Ramadan. This pastry is usually made in the cities of Isfahan, Arak and Yazd and is used for egg, milk, syrup, baking powder, yogurt, solid oil, flour, cardamom, vanilla and rose water. This pastry is one of the dry pastries and it takes about 4 hours to prepare the ingredients and bake.

Muscat almond pastry is one of the souvenirs of the southern cities of Iran and is more commonly known as Shiraz. Muscat raw materials are starch, sugar, rosehip, cardamom, oil and saffron. The way it is made is like a porridge, but it takes longer and has a different payment. Muscle varieties include saffron, cocoa, plain, jelly and different flavors. It usually takes about an hour to cook and bake. Rice bread is one of the famous sweets of Kermanshah and is known as souvenirs of this city, but it is also made in Qazvin. Dating back to over 150 years ago, rice bread is one of the convenience sweets. Rice bread is made from butter, sugar, rice flour, eggs, rose water and saffron. It takes about 5 hours to prepare the raw materials and bake the rice bread.

Nougat or Lucca is a pastry made from bread with Mikado, vanilla, butter, honey, sugar, egg whites, nuts and sometimes fruit slices. This pastry is known as one of the traditional pastries of Tabriz. Of course, in addition to Iran, Nogha is also available in other regions such as Central Asia. The word “noggas” is taken from one of the branches of the Roman language and translates its word (pan nogat) to mean nuts.

Suhan is a traditional confectionery in Qom. It is made from baking a mixture of wheat flour, malt, sugar, oil, saffron, egg yolk, cardamom and pistachio and has a light brownish texture. Sohan’s history is attributed to the Qajar period, and the time of the opening of the Old courtyard of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ‘s prophet Mohammad Ali Attar as Suhan’ s offering to the king ‘s representative and to the king’ s representative because this sweetness has caused him to digest food, such as Sohan. Acts, selects Sohan’s name for it.

Where to find Persian sweets in bulk?

The persion is generally divided into two types of fresh and dry, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages, for example, the pastry is a delectable one and has particular fans but at the same time has little persistence and is spoiled for a while. It has high fat, which is harmful to everyone, especially the elderly, and has a long shelf life and a good variety that makes it easy to transport.

Confectioners are always trying to deliver a fresh and tasty product to customers with the least amount of time left in production, which is only possible through direct delivery of confectionery from the factory and factory. This is very important for food distributors. It matters because broadcasters have to stock up on product, which requires fresh product and a long time in production.

Persian Dessert Recipes You’ll Want To Learn Right Now

Traditional Iranian pastries are well known and well known around the world. It can be said that every Iranian city has its own traditional pastry with its own special flavor. You may be familiar with many of these sweets or if you have traveled to different cities you have brought special pastries for that city as souvenirs. Traditional Iranian pastries can be divided into various forms, including fresh pastries and dry pastries. You may have heard or even eaten of many traditional Iranian pastries but don’t know which city it belongs to.

If you have visited Yazd you know that many traditional Iranian pastries belong to this city. Yazdi’s traditional pastry variety is so great that it is called the Iranian city of pastry. Although traditional Yazd confectionery is also found in Tehran, among Yazd’s traditional confectionery such as Yazdi’s cake, the yogurt has its own fans. The sweetness of the cupcake always attracts attention because of its special flavor and its small size. The history of sweet pastry goes back more than 100 years and a lifetime. Baked pastry is made with flour, egg yolks, oil and sugar and filled with sugar, almonds, rosehips and cardamom powder.

Yazd baklava is also famous and has many varieties and   is also popular in other countries, including Turkey and Lebanon, and has a lot of fans. Traditional baklava pastry is made with powdered sugar, pistachio powder and cardamom. Often, a special syrup is poured on the baklava to make it taste even more delicious. There is a special type of baklava called baklava or syrupy cake which is specific to Yazd but also in Qazvin. This traditional Yazd pastry is like sponge cake but it has nectar and resembles baklava.

10 Best Persian Desserts Recipes

Qazvin also has its own traditional pastries and souvenirs, one of the most famous being chickpea bread. For making this delicious pastry they use very soft chickpea flour, soft sugar powder and oil. Chickpea bread is also one of the convenience sweets and is especially used during the New Year’s Eve to serve guests in most parts of Iran. It takes about 6 hours to prepare and bake this pastry.

Gharabiyeh is a traditional pastry and one of the most popular and popular souvenirs in Tabriz, which is also available in other cities and even countries such as Azerbaijan and Turkey. Ingredients for this pastry include egg whites, raw almonds, sugar, vanilla and a mixture of pistachios and almonds and sugar. This almost expensive and luxurious pastry is usually used for partying.

Columbus; This pastry, which looks like a Sistani pie, is known as a souvenir of Kerman province and has found its fans all over Iran today. Columbus has a long shelf life due to being dry and can always be available as a tasty snack. Raw materials for columbus include flour, solid oil, pulp, sugar, rosehip, lukewarm water, yogurt or sweet yogurt and saffron. Ingredients for columbus include chopped walnut kernels, rolled dates, liquid oil and columbus spices.

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