Demand for Naan Berenji Around the World

naan berenji is one of the popular sweets of Iranians. The easy preparation and long-term storage of this sweet is the key to the success of its producers. Rice bread is produced for the first time in Kermanshah city. With the evolution of the rice bread production process, its saffron samples also emerged. 

How to make naan berenji rice sweet at cheap price?

In all urban and rural areas, dear compatriots can buy rice bread, which is generally purchased in stylish packages.

Today, many people start to produce authentic and delicious Iranian rice bread pastry. These manufacturers have been able to produce and market the best and highest quality of this product using high quality raw materials.

Ingredients for this delicious rice flour cookies include rice flour, eggs, powdered sugar, oil, which, along with rose water and cardamom powder, can produce the best kind of pastry.

The price of rice bread today varies depending on the amount and method of purchase. Perhaps the only difference between rice cookies chinese is their price, which does not mean that the rest of the products are of poor quality.

These breads are marketed in very diverse and stylish packaging, and this has given a very beautiful effect to all kinds of stores, which can attract the attention of consumers.

The production methods of this product are different and are produced traditionally and at home or industrially. Each production method has its own advantages and its quality is different.

Original rice bread is very famous and has a very high nutritional value and is also very nutritious and can be used as a very good and suitable snack.

What to pay attention while buying naan berenji?

Today, in addition to Kermanshah, some other cities such as Qazvin also produce different types of rice bread, which in recent years, by increasing the quality of their products, have been able to compete with Kermanshahi producers to some extent. Sugarcane rice bread is usually marketed in one-kilogram carton packs. Due to the low price of this type of products, it is not possible to pack them in more expensive boxes, and if you use this packaging, the final price of the product will increase.

In recent years, Kermanshahi producers have been able to create such a product by selling it to travelers who intend to travel to the pilgrimage cities of Iraq. , And thus have launched and expanded the business and workshop of rice bread production in Kermanshah.

Large producers of rice bread in Kermanshah mainly export rice cookies gluten free to Iraq. Iraqi citizens are very interested in it because of the high durability of this sweet, and even in some shops around the shrine, Kermanshah rice bread is sold.

Iraqi citizens are very interested in saffron rice bread in Kermanshah. Sugarcane rice bread is also one of the most popular products in the Iraqi market.

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